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Fiber Mileage Update--Another Milestone Reached!

4:02PM November 18, 2022

Whoop, Whoop! 🙌🏻 As you may have seen on our Facebook page (@CrowdFiber), It's #FiberMileFriday, y'all!

And as drops & activations continue, so does the construction of mainline fiber throughout the "Currently Under Construction" sections in our Phase 1 service area! 

This week we have reached a new milestone, with a total of 💥606 MILES💥 of constructed mainline fiber! Our crews sure are working hard to get your area prepared for activations! 

Feel free to check out the map under the Service Areas tab!  The sections Currently Under Construction are shown in light green.  Also, be sure your address is registered, so that we can contact you when it is time for us to start YOUR activation process!

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