Quality, high-speed internet is coming to West Georgia!

Enter your address below to see if you are in our Phase 1 service area.

Service Areas

Crossbeam’s Phase 1 Service Area Map

• Shown in teal are the activation zones that are in service. These are the areas where we are currently accepting orders.

• Shown in orange are the activation zones where we will be accepting orders soon.

• The lime green activation zones are currently under construction.

• The Phase 1 service area shaded gray is currently in the pre-construction phase.

• The large tan area identifies Carroll EMC’s service territory border.

To register your interest in our fiber internet service, please submit your address and contact information on this website!

Registering your name, address, and contact information does not obligate you for service. Doing so simply allows us to keep you informed of our construction plans and to contact you when we are accepting orders in your area. Please encourage your neighbors to express their interest as well.