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Fiber Mileage Update--Milestone Reached!

11:37AM May 27, 2022

 We have reached a new milestone, as you may have seen on our Facebook last week for our biweekly #FiberMileFriday post!

Last week, our crews reached a total of 202 miles of constructed mainline fiber throughout the phase one service area! That's right, over 200 MILES! Whoop, Whoop! 

Progress is certainly being made thanks to all of our hard-working crews, who you may have even seen in your area. How would you know if it's us or not? All of our crews' trucks are labeled with an easy to spot Crossbeam magnet or the SyncGlobal logo! 

We are on track to begin our first activations this summer! When we are in your area, we will contact you to select your services!

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